2021 will be a different story…?

5 January 2021|

After the challenges of 2020, the new year is a moment to notice and consolidate the skills we've learned, so we can benefit from our new learning in 2021. One such key skill is story. Storytelling has shone out for me as an important way to connect during the last year, so I wanted [...]

Tell great stories in your virtual meetings

20 March 2020|

This week, as many of our face-to-face meetings started to get replaced with video calls the world suddenly felt different. We’ve all been adapting and thinking about how to make the most of the skills we have in a rapidly changing scenario and we’re only going to be doing more of that from now on, [...]

Seven Steps to Digital Storytelling

2 March 2020|

The strong focus on telling personal stories at Berkeley’s StoryCenter opens up the door to some interesting ideas around how to use storytelling in a business setting. In May 2019 I headed off to Berkeley, California; I was taking part in a workshop to create a digital story. I loved the immersive and creative aspects [...]

2019: the year of the story?

28 January 2019|

Last year in Scotland many of us celebrated The Year of Young People. It was the latest of Scotland’s themed years, an engaging government initiative to promote different aspects of Scottish life and culture. We’d already enjoyed a year of homecoming, a year of food and drink and many more, but this one was a [...]

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