2021 will be a different story…?

5 January 2021|

After the challenges of 2020, the new year is a moment to notice and consolidate the skills we've learned, so we can benefit from our new learning in 2021. One such key skill is story. Storytelling has shone out for me as an important way to connect during the last year, so I wanted [...]

We do face-to-face training online

23 March 2020|

Right now, as our response to Covid-19, you can book an on-line workshop for your team and we will deliver the very best face-to-face experience that we can in an online environment. Many of you will have experienced Cygnus Extra courses live, physical, face-to-face - however you say it - and that’s always been the [...]

Own the insight in your storytelling

15 November 2019|

I heard a fair few stories yesterday! They were stories that were told with a very clear purpose and made the day sparkle, especially when they got just a bit personal. I was taking part in the CRNS annual conference and running a workshop about storytelling – the title of the whole event was Growing [...]

Website for Charles Piazzi Smyth

20 March 2019|

Meet our new best friend, Charles Piazzi Smyth, one of Edinburgh's real Victorian characters. A very capable scientist but with some wacky ideas about pyramids! We recently sponsored and built the website for the 200th anniversary of the Edinburgh-based Victorian astronomer Charles Piazzi Smyth. It all came about as a result of Mark's interest in astronomy and [...]

Study skills are for life

27 November 2018|

Recently I’ve been working with school pupils to help them develop the skills they need to be able to do independent studying. Of course, the immediate goal is passing exams and achieving those BHAGs (Big Hairy Audacious Goals) of university, career or dream job, but it’s about more than that. These are skills for the [...]

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