Writing great content for web and social is an essential skill in 2023 – one that can help you influence, persuade, inspire and grow.

For the last 20 years web has dominated in the business world. It’s helped us connect, understand, learn and grow. And that’s true whether you are running a small business, bringing positive change through charity work, developing new patterns of growth through a social enterprise, or contributing to a larger organisation.

Writing for the web is recognised as a core skill for anyone using online channels for marketing and comms. Our Digital Writing Skills course is designed to help you develop the practical skills to write well for web and social.

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This year at Cygnus Extra we’ve been focussing our effort on developing knowledge and skills around delivering training in the online environment and have adapted the tried and tested Digital Writing Skills course to be delivered in an online setting. It works perfectly. The course is a mix of “taught” sections, group work and individual exercises. Using platforms such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams, all of these elements can be delivered successfully.

During the last few years we’ve lived through some exceeding challenging times when we’ve all needed to adapt, often very rapidly. Through all of that, creating strong, influential content continues to be one of those skills that’s an absolute bedrock. Of course, we’ve had to explore other ways of connecting too. Perhaps the most obvious shift has been to online meetings and more video content, but interestingly, written content continues to be an absolutely vital part of marketing and comms. Developing the ability to write great blogs, core web pages and social media posts is essential.

People have been predicting for years that writing will be usurped by other forms of communication. Right now the current worry is that the AI bots will do the writing for us! However, we still need people with great writing skills in the equation! It seems to me that it is simply the case that this core form of communication will continue grow and change and will always form a vital element in marketing and business communications. Our Digital Writing Skills course is designed to help you write well for your intended audience and understand the basic principles or how to create content that works in the online setting.

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