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This course is ideal for an online team building event and can be delivered as a whole day event or over two shorter digital sessions.

Suitable for groups of up to 12, this is a practical, interactive course where participants explore how they use the power of story in a work setting.

Business storytelling to influence and inspire

Discover the power of story to grow your organisation. Whether you write stories or share them verbally, this is a powerful way to build trust and develop connections. Storytelling is a natural human instinct that you can harness to make your communications more effective. It is also a key leadership tool to persuade, and develop positive relationships.

Why this course?

Come on this full day course to develop your storytelling skills. The practical workshop is designed to help you:

Learn how to share stories that will influence, engage and inspire others

  • Understand storytelling techniques
  • Practise telling your own story in a supportive setting
  • Notice and harness the emotional impact of stories
  • Connect your data and insights with storytelling
  • Discover the value of sharing personal stories in a work environment.

“For years, I’ve been helping people to understand the nuts and bolts of how to communicate more clearly. What comes through time and again is the need for compelling, engaging, personable content. Sharing stories is such an integral aspect to being human, so it’s a totally natural format to use. With a story, we don’t just think, we feel.”

Hilary Phillips, course facilitator

Who is it for?

If you write, present, script or share stories about your organisation then this course is for you. As a leader in your organisation relating to other people will be a key aspect of what you do. Inspiring and influencing others will be important to you. You will certainly value storytelling and have a strong desire to discover more about how to tell the stories that will help your venture thrive.

How will it benefit your organisation?

Use stories in a commercial setting to develop your sales, establish your brand or define your business strategy. In the third sector stories can be critical to attracting funding from trusts or individual donors. In the public sector, stories can help evaluate the impact of your interventions. In every type of organisation, use stories internally to develop teams and enable individuals to be more authentic leaders.

  • Learn to identify, gather and tell relevant stories
  • Express key messages and data insights in memorable story format
  • Build trust internally and externally with senior managers and stakeholders

What’s the course like?

This is a practical one day workshop where you can come, learn, practise and develop your skills. It’s not a sit-back-and-listen type day. Instead, you will have the chance to take part in some storytelling, with time to think, write, discuss and respond. The “take-away” will be a story that you create.

You can apply the ideas from this course to all aspects of storytelling in the workplace, from one-to-one conversations, through video scripting and case studies to strategic narrative.

The day workshop provides a relaxed setting for some personal development and is ideal as a team building activity.

Participants said:

“It was a great opportunity to build relationships with other team members.”

“I will remember the powerful personal stories that my colleagues shared.”

“It was a thought-provoking experience with well balanced and structured content.”

“The day has given me valuable insight into the power of storytelling and communicating key messages.”

“Very interactive and enjoyable.”

Hilary Phillips is an experienced writer and trainer who has spent several decades writing about business and helping others to express themselves well.

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