Cygnus Extra shortlisted for Award

//Cygnus Extra shortlisted for Award

Cygnus Extra shortlisted for Award

We’re on the shortlist. No it’s not the Man Booker, or anything, but it is the Scottish Enterprise Awards 2017, hosted by SME News.

What does that mean? Well, what SME says is that The Scottish Enterprise Awards 2017 have been created to shine a light on those businesses which truly stand out from the crowd. We like that! They basically aim to recognise and highlight the excellent levels of performance and dedication that these companies offer, and those who have gone above and beyond to achieve throughout the past 12 months. We like that too.

So will we win something? We don’t know, but what we do know is that we have customers who say great things about us.

Here are a few comments that communicate the difference that we make:

“We all agreed it had been extremely valuable and it’s already making us think during the writing process. For example on our leaflet today, the copy was adapted from 3rd person to 1st and immediately felt more friendly and inviting. Everyone enjoyed the experience and commented to me that you explained everything so well.”

Lynda Dalgleish, Head of Marketing and Visitor Experience, Royal Yacht Britannia

“We all had a great time and found it really useful. It was by far one of the best courses I have been on – and I’ve been on quite a few.”

Kirsten Sweeney, Communications Manager, Prestwick Airport

We’ll see what the judges think.

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