Go and visit Lendrick Muir

//Go and visit Lendrick Muir
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Go and visit Lendrick Muir

Go and visit Lendrick Muir. Yes, do feel free to start with the brand new website, launched last week and beginning to get established as THE place to find out everything you need to know if you are interested in booking a weekend away at one of Scotland’s leading Christian outdoor activity centres.

But, then, once you’ve visited the website, go visit the place itself. It belongs to Scripture Union Scotland and is usually full of groups of children and young people, enjoying the outdoors and time away from home together. Sometimes it is school groups, sometimes it is SU events, other time it is church youth groups or other youth organisations.

Developing the new website was a great project as we know the centre well ourselves and were able to contribute from firsthand experience. Working closely with the Lenrick Muir team, Mark developed the site and Hilary wrote all the copy. She even contributed How it feels on the high ropes and is still thinking twice about doing that again.

The next chapter of the story will be a website for sister centre Alltanacriche. It’s smaller and further away, but many say perfectly formed, with a wonderful location in the middle of the Cairngorms. What’s not to like! That website is coming soon, and will more than a passing resemblance to the Lendrick Muir site, but with it’s own unique twist. Wait and see.

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