Project Description

What we do for them:


The difference it makes:

In this context clarity can literally prevent injuries and save lives, so we take a great deal of care to understand the audience, the issues and the risks, then write the content in a way that is engaging and accessible to all, always with close involvement from the subject experts of course.

Particular challenges:

For many of the workers watching these training videos English will not be their first language, so plain language is vital.

Example: Building Resilience

Hilary wrote the script for an award winning training programme about resilience, which is now being used widely in the industry.

IMCA Resilience Programme »

Introducing the Resilience programme IMCA said:

“We are becoming increasingly aware that one of the key attributes of a successful organisation is its ability to cope with challenging issues and to bounce back. The capability of an  organisation to do this effectively is largely dictated by the resilience of its people.”

“Each module sets out to explain an aspect of resilience covering the psychology of how we behave and things we can do to build our personal resilience. This is supported by questions designed to help us think about the issues raised and to spark conversations. To make it relevant to our people, each module contains footage from personnel on our members’ vessels and onshore worksites sharing their thoughts and experiences.”