Project Description

Scotland’s most northerly council, with a strong desire to communicate clearly in all their writing, from committee reports to web content.

What we did:

Business writing skills training for staff writing committee papers
How to write digital content training for staff contributing to a new website

The difference it makes:

We helped staff in key roles and teams from across the council to develop their writing skills using our THINK-PLAN-WRITE-REVIEW-DELIVER methodology.

Particular challenges:

Committee papers may be read by a wide range of people with very different reasons for needing the information. Over time, the papers may be referred back to, so there’s an historical aspect to it all too.


For a ‘central-belter’, it was fabulous to have a reason to visit Shetland. It was also exciting to sense a desire amongst the council teams to use their reports and web writing to really improve people’s lives. I was able to gather views and provide feedback to decision-makers and well as offering the advice and insight that helps individuals hone their writing skills. There’s a real community feeling to island life and I’m looking forward to visiting for another round of training in the near future.

Other work in this field: Working with councils

We’ve worked with a number of councils in Scotland on projects which include:

  • Business writing skills training
  • Writing skills training for legal teams
  • Training in writing digital content
  • Copywriting, scriptwriting and editorial work

“Hilary is an excellent trainer and obviously an expert in her field.  She tailored the courses specifically for the Council and has a friendly, confident and professional training style.  We had overwhelmingly positive feedback from the delegates – they found the content thought provoking and feel their practice will definitely be improved as a result of the training.  We look forward to working with Hilary again in the future.”

Jackie Watt, Shetland Islands Council