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Time for a makeover

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Project Description

It was time for a refresh of the St Mungo’s website, an important channel for promoting what’s happening, inviting people to events and for making talks content available to a wide audience.

We were involved last time around in developing the website, but it was time for a new approach for this popular site that helps to share the church’s vision to a wider audience.

We worked with designer Fil Stevenson of Filfx, so while he looked after the look and feel, our input covered content and the site build. With plenty going on across the church and in the community, the content challenge was to find a structure that would make it easy for the audience.

One of the key aspects of the brief was to create a site that would work well on tablets and phones. The previous site had been developed before responsive websites were the norm, whereas this time around, the structure, design, content, menus – pretty much everything really! – have been designed with mobile devices firmly in mind.

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