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Project Description

Stephen Gordon was launching a new business and needed a website that would provide an effective focus for marketing SurfaceSAFE, a new niche offering in Scotland.

This project is a great example of how all the different elements of design, development and web content can come together to create a well-targeted website.

For this project we provided every aspect of the design and build. We worked with Stephen to identify his marketing objectives and target audience for the new site, we looked closely at the nature of  the business and considered how the site worked with other marketing activity. We then developed a design for the site that would showcase the SurfaceSAFE products and services to the very best advantage.

We also wrote the content for the site, ensuring that the content, design and photography all worked hand in glove. We spent time on Search Engine Optimisation too, making sure that each page on the site was focussed for relevant keywords.

The result? A website that looks and feels all of a piece. The words, pictures and design all work together. And, best of all, potential clients can find the site and find the information they need once they arrive.

Project Details