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Tell powerful stories that will create connections. Tell stories about your business, your charity, your organisation. Above all, tell stories about the people that matter to you and the positive difference you can make in their lives.

Study skills

“I think this session was exactly right. It gave me all the information I had hoped for and will give me the platform I need to develop these skills further.”

“Thanks for the energy and enthusiasm you brought to each of the training sessions. It was a pleasure to work with you on this project and I know that very many of my colleagues were extremely appreciative of the quality of the course.”

“I expected the workshop to be good, and it was. I found it really useful and will be rewriting the whole site now!”

“Hilary was excellent and I found this session really useful. I took away many practical tips for improving my business writing and communication skills which I shall be implementing in practice. I will recommend it to work colleagues and other lawyer acquaintances.”

Web development

Let us help you create the right website for your organisation. We develop using WordPress and value clarity over and above everything. We can help you through the design and development process and, of course, we can write the content for you.

Lead Stories

We work with young people to help them develop their communication, writing and storytelling skills.

Our vision for Lead Stories is to help young people in Scotland to learn and grow the leadership skills they need to contribute in their communities now and to realise their potential as the leaders of the future. We help young people to tell stories, create video and make digital stories. We are especially interested in helping young people to recognise the leadership skills they are developing and can also inspire others to do the same.