Writing for the web training in Edinburgh, Glasgow and across Scotland. Business writing skills, marketing, press releases, email marketing and  plain English. In-house courses can be tailored to your particular needs.
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Writing for the web

Training for web copywriters and content editors is a proven route to improving style, consistency and effectiveness across large websites. It is also the answer if you need to write the content for your website, you can’t afford a copywriter and you’re not sure where to start.

Half-day and full-day courses in web copywriting are available at beginner and intermediate/advanced levels and are ideal for writers and editors working on corporate websites and intranets. Courses can be tailored to meet your organisation’s requirements. Courses are also available for small businesses. Writing for the web training is available in Edinburgh, Glasgow, across Scotland and further afield.

Writing skills for legal professionals

This course is for lawyers, paralegals and others working in the legal profession.

Spend a day focusing on your writing skills and feel the benefit in your day-to-day work.  Recognise how good writing can make a difference in your professional setting and look at the particular challenges you face in writing well. Improve your writing skills and learn how to:

  • write with both clarity and style
  • produce accurate, engaging content that will inspire and persuade
  • Use written English effectively to connect with your client
  • Communicate your points clearly and deliver successful reports, briefs and other documents.

The full day workshop will include presentation, editorial tasks, discussion, a quiz, and of course some writing time.

Business writing skills

Whether beginner or expert, concentrating on your writing skills can help to sharpen your focus, improve clarity and make your words more effective whenever you put pen to paper.  Learning new writing techniques can also make the process more efficient, helping you become more productive in both your writing and editing.

This course will have a strong marketing element, looking at the psychology of selling and how to use words to influence and persuade. It also covers the basics in plain English and report writing.

Report writing

Simplicity, brevity and clarity are important criteria for all writing and fundamental when it comes to writing reports in a business setting. This course is designed to help writers and editors produce:

  • Clear, engaging reports that readers can understand quickly and easily
  • Accurate, consistent, readable content that communicates effectively
  • Writing that encourages readers to take action.

This whole day workshop is a comprehensive introduction to effective report writing, with plenty of examples and opportunities for you to practise and improve your technique.

Writing skills for marketing professionals

Writing skills have never been so important to marketers. The explosion of web, social media and content marketing puts written content firmly at the heart of so much marketing activity; it is essential to hone strong writing skills and develop an understanding of style and tone. This course is for anyone who writes marketing content, from product descriptions for brochures, to web content, blogs and social media posts.Learn how to:

  • Write persuasive content that will engage and inspire
  • Understand your target audience and connect with them effectively
  • Use tone of voice effectively
  • Develop writing techniques that will help you get your message across
  • Improve your editorial and grammar skills for polished presentation
  • Make the most of online and offline writing channels.

This whole day workshop is packed with case studies, examples and opportunities for you to practise and improve your writing skills.

Plain English

Good clear writing makes it easier for people to understand what you are saying! This one day course provides a practical approach to writing for diverse audiences, using Plain English to create reports, documents, publications and web content that people actually understand.

Learn how to:

  • Develop a clear writing style
  • Communicate with target audiences
  • Avoid jargon
  • Use grammar and punctuation well
  • Prepare and plan for successful writing
  • Cut through muddled thinking to create well structured documents.

Kind things that delegates have said about our courses

“I think this session was exactly right. It gave me all the information I had hoped for and will give me the platform I need to develop these skills further.”

“I came knowing nothing and left with a huge amount of skills. Thank you.”

“Thanks for the energy and enthusiasm you brought to each of the training sessions. It was a pleasure to work with you on this project and I know that very many of my colleagues were extremely appreciative of the quality of the course.”

“Excellent. The tutor was very approachable and clearly knows her stuff, both in terms of the principles and practice.”

“I now feel I have a much better basis for writing for the web and will be more confident in doing so.”

“I expected the workshop to be good, and it was. I found it really useful and will be rewriting the whole site now!”

“Hilary was excellent and I found this session really useful. I took away many practical tips for improving my business writing and communication skills which I shall be implementing in practice. I will recommend it to work colleagues and other lawyer acquaintances.”

“The speaker’s experience shone through the analysis of the principles that she ably explained.”

“The seminar was well organised and presented and the speaker was very helpful and knowledgable.”

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