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Web design

What is your website actually for? Who do you want to come? We start with these questions, building engaging sites which are strong on words, strong on imagery and strong on design.

Cygnus Extra offers a professional approach to website development that focuses on your goals and works to deliver on them.

Content is the most under-valued element on a website, and the area where we can provide uniquely targeted help. That’s why we build content management tools into your website so that it can be regularly updated, by you or us, to keep the content fresh, grab your visitors’ interest and keep them coming back for more. Our joined-up approach to website development ensures that content, design, pictures and the background technical aspects of the development are all pulling in the same direction.

Our Content Management System of choice is the multi-award winning WordPress. With a wide range of extensions and plugins, there’s no end to the features that can be added to your website.

Rather than just talking about it, let us show you. Have a look at some of our recent projects »

Design, photography and technical excellence all contribute to success. Bring these together with the right words and we firmly believe this will make the difference between the success and failure of your site.

Search engines are interested in well-written, relevant copy, and so are your potential readers. When writing for the web, we combine strong writing skills with knowledge of Search Engine Optimisation techniques, so that your website is both found by the Search Engine and appreciated by your target audience. Good copy can increase the traffic to your site and play a significant role in your online marketing strategy.

And today we are building responsive sites that work equally well on mobile devices and desktop PCs. Based in Edinburgh, we offer an intelligent approach to web design and development that draws all the strands together.

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